SVEN MP-2214


When it is warm in the street, we constantly go fishing, go to beaches, summer cottages, to the forest and for barbecue, we go in for sports and travel a lot. Modern activity holidays away from home are not an occasion any more to abandon thecomfort and modern technologies. And modern accessories will help you to do this, in particular, portable batteries of SVEN company.

The line of accessories of SVEN Company was replenished with absolute new products, i.e. MP-2214, MP-4017, MP-4416 and MP-6625 universal portable batteries. They are designed for non-stationary recharging of the majority of such modern mobile devices, as mobile telephones, smartphones, pocket PCs, iPads, portable players, GPS navigators, e-books, digital cameras and video cameras, game consoles and other devices. These portable batteries will provide the abovementioned devices with necessary reserve power supply during journeys and trips. Portable batteries, they are named also as PowerBanks or UMBs (universal mobile batteries), combine compact dimensions and high capacity to charge most of the mobile devices.

MP-2214 portable battery capacity is 2200 mА•h, the output current is 500 mА. It is quite sufficient to charge most telephones, smartphones, iPads and e-books.

MP-2214 is equipped with an indicator, the color of which changes at the low and full battery discharge.

If you use mobile devices intensively, then a lightweight and inexpensive external portable battery will be an indispensable assistant for you in case of emergency. You will not depend on the charge capacity of your telephone under any conditions!


  • Protection against the full discharge, overcharge and short circuit
  • Low self-discharge
  • Memory effect absence
  • Charging indication
  • Easy-to-use, high coefficient of efficiency

Technical Specifications

Input voltage, V 4.75~5.25
Rated output voltage, V 5.0 ± 0.25
Input current, mА 1000
Output current, mА 1000
Capacity, V/mА • h 3.7 / 2200
Approximate charge time, hours 3~4
Number of charge-discharge cycles not less than 500
Output connector type 1 × USB
Dimensions, mm 90 × 32 × 23
Weight, g 70
Color black
Life time 2 years

Tests and reviews

We have liked SVEN batteries. Their coefficient of efficiency is rather big; they charge telephones and tablet PCs without problems, their price do not frighten at all. They want about RUB 850 for the junior model, RUB 1200 for the middle one and RUB 1500 for the elder. It is quite a reasonable price for a long operation.

Dmitry Kolganov., February 2015.