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  • Speaker system is compatible with PCs, DVD/Media-players, mobile devices and other sound sources
  • Built-in FM tuner
  • Digital VFD display
  • Possibility to transform stereo signal to 5.1
  • Built-in clock
  • Built-in player for audio fles from external storage devices
  • Wireless signal transmission via Bluetooth
  • Optical and coaxial inputs
  • Remote control
  • Wall mountable satellites
  • Wooden (MDF) subwoofer and satellites cabinets
Technical Specifications
Total output power (RMS), W
Output power of the subwoofer (RMS), W
Output power of the satellites (RMS), W
75 (5 × 15)
Tuner frequency range, MHz
87.0 – 108.0
Frequency range, Hz
subwoofer: 40 – 200
satellites: 200 – 20,000
Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm
Ø 176
Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm
Ø 80 + Ø 37
Remote control
Magnetic shielding
Case material
wood (MDF)
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm
198 × 345 × 300
Dimensions (satellites), mm
center speaker: 282 × 120 × 105
satellites: 120 × 216 × 103
Weight, kg
Life time
5 years

SVEN company has prepared a nice surprise for those who loves watching movies in high quality. The company has released a home theater Bluetooth speaker system. SVEN HT-210 is a great way to have enjoyable time!

You no longer have to go to the cinema to fully enjoy the atmosphere of your favorite movie. With SVEN 5.1 speaker system, you will enjoy rich and realistic surround sound at home. Crystal clear high and medium frequencies of the SVEN HT-210 speakers will keep intact the finest details of music you hear, while the 176 mm subwoofer will ensure a truly impressive bass line, which lets you feel the full power of the most sophisticated sound effects. The speakers can be connected to a TV via an optical or coaxial cable input. Transmission of undistorted digital signal provided so efficiently by HT-210 is a guarantee of great impressions inspired by the show.

The SVEN HT-210 multifunctional speaker system supports wireless sound communication via the Bluetooth interface, which means that you can play music right from your smartphone or tablet in premium quality. Connecting to the system takes mere seconds and requires no extra efforts.

Moreover, SVEN HT-210 features a built-in radio and can play music from USB flash and SD cards. In fact, this is more than just a home theater speaker system. This model of SVEN is a true multimedia entertainment center!

The speaker controls are brought to the front panel. The model is equipped with an informative VFD display and a handy remote control. The system components can be arranged both on the floor or the wall, as the satellite speakers have wall mounting fixers.

HT-210 is already on sale in retail stores. Watch great movies with a SVEN multichannel speaker system!