SVEN Company presents SVEN ВTR5-10 multimedia speaker system for the home theatre. The model playbacks equally well movies and video, as well as different musical genres.

SVEN ВTR5-10 speaker system can be used not only for creation of the home theatre system, but as a device of autonomous musical center. Because its subwoofer is equipped with the built-in 6-channel amplifier with the low coefficient of harmonic distortion and АМ-FM tuner (radio set) with the memory to store 40 radio stations, analog 5.1-channel input and two stereo inputs, as well as the electronic audio input exchange.

Everything taken together increases the system functionality significantly, which consists of 60 W subwoofer (6.5” loudspeaker) and 5 two-way 15 W speakers equipped with 1.5 inch tweeters and 4 inch LF loudspeakers. Well, such home theatre will fit perfectly into the interior of a mid-size room; actually, it has been developed for this purpose. To watch a movie, and to reproduce available special effects, and to listen to the music (the subwoofer is balanced by power for music, as well as for movies).

The model is controlled easily. Main control buttons are located on the subwoofer front panel. But it is more convenient to control all the functions with the help of the full-function remote control: to control the master volume level of the system and control separately the volume level of the front, rear and central channels and the subwoofer, as well as to control АМ-FM tuner, in particular, to choose АМ or FM bands, to set MONO or STEREO modes, carry out manual or automatic preset of radio stations (it is possible to store in memory up to 20 FM radio stations and the same number of АM radio stations). The information display on the subwoofer front panel displays every action of a user: current operation mode of the model, switching over inputs (5.1, AUX, PC, FM or AM), numbers of radio stations, volume level of the system, etc.


  • Built-in 6-channel power amplifier
  • Analog 5.1 input, two stereo inputs
  • Electronic switchboard of audio input connection
  • Built-in AM/FM tuner (radio set)
  • Possibility to store 20 FM and 20 AM radio stations for automatic search
  • Full-function remote control
  • Electronic master volume and bass volume level controls
  • Separate volume level controls for front, rear and central satellites and the subwoofer
  • Information display
  • MDF cases of the subwoofer and satellites

Technical Specifications

Total output power (RMS), W 135
Output power of the subwoofer (RMS), W 60
Output power of the satellites (RMS), W 75 (5 × 15)
Frequency range, Hz 40 – 20,000
Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm Ø 165
Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm Ø 38 + Ø 100 (front, rear)
Ø 38 + 2 × Ø 100 (centre)
Remote control available
Magnetic shielding available
Tuner AM/FM
[Tuner] AM Frequency bands (at 9 kHz step), kHz 522 ~ 1611
[Tuner] AM Frequency bands (at 10 kHz step), kHz 530 ~ 1610
[Tuner] FM Frequency bands (at 50 kHz step), MHz 87 ~ 108
[Tuner] AM sensitivy, мВ/м ≤ 6
[Tuner] FM sensitivy, dB ≤ 20
[Tuner] AM S/N ratio, dB ≥ 45
[Tuner] FM S/N ratio, dB ≥ 45
Power supply, V/Hz ~230/50
Case material wood (MDF)
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 220 × 400 × 300
Dimensions (front satellites), mm 240 × 140 × 140
Dimensions (center satellite), mm 400 × 140 × 140
Dimensions (rear satellites), mm 240 × 140 × 140
Weight, kg 21.5
Color beech, black, dark oak
Life time 5 years