<p>Since the first roofed theatre – the Odeon of Pericles – technologies have made tremendous progress. Modern conditions make it possible to receive high quality sound virtually in any surroundings. Nowadays you needn’t erect a special building with account of all the architectural peculiarities to achieve a good acoustic effect. It’s enough to buy a 5.1 speaker system – just like <b>SVEN HT-400</b>, and a home theatre effect is guaranteed!</p>
<p>Greece not only was the founder of concert halls, but also inspired SVEN designers. Brevity was the soul of wit in Laconia, and laconic design is manifested in minimalist appearance and rich functionality of HT-400 speaker system. Remote control, switchable 2.0 and 5.1 inputs and 100 Watt power are only a few of its numerous advantages. Reasonable price makes it even closer to the motherland of democracy – a retail price of about 3200 roubles is affordable to the strongest supporters of modesty and simplicity. The beauty and naturality of <b>SVEN HT-400</b> sound awakes the mind and feelings, encouraging you to open something new in the world each day. I think, therefore I am. I listen, therefore I live!</p>

Technical Specifications

Total output power (RMS), W 100
Output power of the subwoofer (RMS), W 30
Output power of the satellites (RMS), W 70 (5 × 14)
Frequency range (subwoofer), Hz 40 – 150
Frequency range (satellites), Hz 150 – 20 000
Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm Ø 133
Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm 5 × Ø 76
Remote control available
Magnetic shielding yes
Connector type stereo (2 RCA)
5.1 (3 × 2 RCA)
Power voltage, V/Hz ~230/50
Case material wood (MDF)
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 215 × 215 × 250
Dimensions (front satellites), mm 125 × 125 × 140
Dimensions (center satellite), mm 125 × 125 × 140
Dimensions (rear satellites), mm 125 × 125 × 140
Weight, kg 8.4
Colour black
Life time 5 years

Tests and reviews

Sven HT-400 set offers the full-fledged system of surround sounding, consisting of five similar satellites of the cube shape and an active subwoofer. The bass module comprises not only its own power amplifier, but five amplifier channels for satellites as well. So, we have entirely active multichannel speaker system.
Anatoliy Maksimenko. Empire Magazine, October 2011.
Sven HT-400 sounding is notable for information value, proper volume, quite good dynamics and smooth bass. Surely all of this with due regard for dimensions and the class of similar equipment. But in any case, it is impossible to name the system as cheap mass-produced item: low price is the brand policy, but not the evidence of poor quality. It is better to use Sven HT-400 in small premises – then the effect will be total.
Lev Sergeev. Magazine, October 2011.