SVEN Optima 2 (Optima 3, Optima 5)


SVEN Optima is the most popular surge protector model in the product line of SVEN ТМ. Its updated version is equipped with an additional socket and higher protective characteristics.

The renewed SVEN Optimа surge protector has the following special features: high-impact non-flammable plastic case, master power switch with LED indicator for protection against overload and short circuit, four grounded sockets, one non-grounded socket, holes for wall-mounting, protection against pulse and high-frequency interferences. It is produced in three modifications: Optima 2 (cord length is 1.8 m), Optima 3 (3 m), Optima 5 (5 m).

The surge protector is designed in such a way that several power adapters can be connected at once. The sockets are compatible with European and Russian plug standards.

The high-impact non-flammable ABS-plastic case provides high fire safety level.

SVEN Optima surge protector is an optimal protection for home and office equipment: computers, office appliances, audio-, video- and electronic equipment.

The built-in automatic fuse will switch off the equipment promptly in case of short circuit or sudden overloads during its operation.


  • Renewed type of a surge protector based on former SVEN Optima surge protectors
  • Master power switch with LED indicator for protection against overload and short circuit
  • High-impact non-flammable plastic case
  • Protection against pulse and high-frequency interferences
  • Four grounded sockets
  • One non-grounded socket
  • Holes for wall-mounting
  • Technical Specifications

    Output sockets 4 × CEE 7/4, C1-a
    Rated voltage, V 220
    Operating frequency, Hz 50
    Connected load total power, kW ≤1.3
    Maximum absorbed power, J 125
    Maximum absorbed current of pulse distortion, A 3500
    Pulse distortion suppression, times 10
    Noise attenuation on frequencies 1-100 MHz (dB), max 20
    Master switch of sockets available
    Individual switches of sockets no
    Input plug СЕЕ 7/7
    Modem line protection no
    Thermoelectric cut-off fuse operating current, А >6
    Environmental temperature, °С +10 to +70
    Relative humidity, % not more than 65
    Cord length, m 1.8; 3; 5
    Dimensions, mm 50 × 40 × 285
    Colour white
    Life time 2 years