With OVP-11F voltage relay produced by SVEN Company all appliances in the house will be protected reliably. SVEN OVP-11F is suitable both for computer equipment and home appliances – TV sets, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines and other devices can be connected to it. This affordable and effective model will be especially interesting for owners of country cottages and houses, as well as apartments in building of old construction – there will be no problems at all with voltage drops in the power supply network for expensive home appliances with the voltage relay produced by SVEN Company.

SVEN OVP-11F voltage relay has fixed protection parameters against low and high voltage – the operation threshold is equal to 185 V ±3% with undervoltage in the power supply network and 255 V ±3% with the voltage rise. The device responds to deviations from the irregularity maximum quickly – less than for 0.3 second. The turn-on delay function provides an additional effect – it protects electrical equipment against repeated power failures.

SVEN OVP-11F is notable for high quality of components and completely complies with the modern safety standards. The model case is made of a strong noncombustible plastic. The relay has a ground contact and an the output socket is equipped with protection shutters.


  • Protection of connected devices against high/low overvoltage in the power supply network
  • Turn-on delay for protection against repeated failures
  • Fixed protection parameters and turn-on delay time (180 sec.)
  • Voltage relay status indication

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage, V 220
Maximum load current, А 15
Maximum power, kVА 3.3
Operation threshold to decrease power supply voltage, V 185 ± 3 %
Operation threshold to increase power supply voltage, V 255 ± 3 %
Turn-on delay time, sec 180
Protection actuation time, sec not more than 0.3
Dimensions, mm 54 × 120 × 80
Color white
Life time 2 years