SVEN OVP-17P voltage relay is an excellent solution to protect any home appliances against impulse interference and power surges in the power supply network. The model will protect against breakdowns not only computer equipment – it is also suitable for any appliances: air conditioners, washing machines, TV sets and other expensive home devices exigent to the voltage quality in the power supply network.

SVEN OVP-17P voltage relay is an irreplaceable device in summer cottages and in houses, where the electric wiring did not change for a long time. The model produced by SVEN Company has programmable disconnection thresholds and the turn-on delay time function for the additional protection against repeated failures in the power network. All settings of the voltage relay are stored in the nonvolatile memory of the device – all programmed operation parameters will be saved even after the complete de-energizing of premises. The model is equipped with LED display for additional comfort in use – it displays current voltage in the power network and parameters being assigned.

The design of SVEN OVP-17P complies with the most modern safety requirements. The relay case is made of durable noncombustible white plastic. Output sockets have protective shutters. The model is also equipped with the protective grounding contact.


  • Protection of connected devices against high/low voltage in the power supply network
  • Protection of connected devices against impulse noises in the power supply network
  • Programmable disconnection thresholds and turn-on delay time (up to 999 sec.)
  • Multifunctional LED display to show operation parameters
  • Nonvolatile memory of programmed settings

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage, V 220
Measured voltage, V 100 – 300
Maximum load current, А 15
Maximum power, kVА 3.3
Maximum absorbed impulse noise power, J 125
Operation threshold to decrease power supply voltage, V 150 – 210 (1 V step)
Operation threshold to increase power supply voltage, V 230 – 265 (1 V step)
Turn-on delay time, sec 5-999 (interval 1 sec)
Protection actuation time, sec not more than 0.3
Dimensions, mm 53 × 116 × 80
Color white
Life time 2 years