Dealing with the problem to store large amount of information you can choose between two ways: to buy a ready-made external hard disk or purchase a hard disk separately putting it into SVEN SE-205E HDD box.

The second way is much more cost-effective and provides manifold possibilities to choose: you can choose the exterior design according to your tastes and then based on your requirements to volume, price and quality to select a hard disk.

SVEN SE-205E is the most perfect model, which is characterized by quick access to the disk and a possibility to use high-speed eSATA interface (all the necessary cables are included).


  • eSATA high-speed interface
  • Aluminum case protects against impacts and removes heat efficiently
  • HDD activity LED
  • Easy disk insertion
  • Soft cover for storage and carrying
  • Additional disk fixation

Technical Specifications

Interface outer: USB/eSATA
inner: SATA
Form factor, inch 2.5 inch
Supported OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Dimensions, mm 135 × 78 × 18
Weight, g 91
Color black
Life time 2 years