In the field of technical gadgets and computer accessories more and more devices appear, which can be described so: “done for people”. Such models win over by their excellent specifications, respectable appearance and, the main thing, that they are oriented to simplicity and comfort in use. When you take such a thing in your hands and think “how have I gone without it before”?

SVEN Company has presented new SVEN AP-970MV headset with the unique ergonomic design of adjustable headband and low frequencies control function. Intuitive character of the interface with the model surprises gracefully. It is not necessary to seek help in the manual to disconnect a microphone (MUTE function) or add basses to music (Mega-bass function), or to understand where the volume control is in the device. Volume level control and low frequency control enable to experiment with sound to add shades, depth and volume to sounding. Increase the volume, reduce bass to zero and you will catch even the sound of keystrokes on the piano while listening to a piano concert with orchestra. Reduce the volume, increase bass to the maximum level and you will be able to feel all bit parts of Rap or R'n'B performers. All controls are located on the cable, as well as there is a fixing clip that can be attached to the clothes, for example, to a jacket, coat, blouse or sweater.

The appearance of the headset makes itself conspicuous as well. Big ear cushions of the closed type with glossy trimming, wide headband with mat surface coating and regulator of headband length – everything looks very well. Ear cushions and headband look like a soft feather bed. The lightweight ergonomic headband of the model reduces the headset pressure to the head to a minimum, even though the model “sits” on the head very tightly. Such design of ear cushions, as well as the application of SVEN PNC passive noise reduction system, is not the mere tribute to fashion, but an important technical innovation as well, which provides the perfect sound.

The sliding construction of a microphone enables to hide it inside the left ear cushion and protect against damages, when using SVEN AP-970MV as headphones.


  • 2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) connection for PC
  • Unilateral connection of the cable
  • Sliding microphone
  • Mega-bass function
  • Microphone Mute function
  • Ergonomic adjustable headband
  • SVEN PNC passive noise canceling system

Technical Specifications

Headphones sensitivity, dB 105 ± 4
Microphone sensitivity, dB -52 ± 3
Headphones frequency range, Hz 20 – 20,000
Microphone frequency range, Hz 30 – 16,000
Membrane, mm Ø 40
Impedance, Ohm 32
Connection type wired
Connector type 2 × Ø 3.5 mm (3 pin) stereo mini-jack
Cable length, m 2.4
Weight, g 240
Color black
Life time 2 years

Tests and reviews

Not only professional skills of a gamer are important during elimination of virtual enemy, but his improvised facilities as well. With your fists you will be able to break a monitor only. A mouse, keyboard and headphones are our conductors to the virtual world. Both the involvement degree to the gaming process and the success of gaming results depend on their quality. SVEN Company lent us the set of computer gadgets, and we bring the review of them to your notice.
Gleb Kleptsov., April 2013.
SVEN AP-970MV is a classic, big and solid headset for retro style admirers. It is ready to make happy its potential possessor not only by its comfortable ergonomic design with good adjustment possibilities but the excellent sound as well.
TECHLABS Team., November 2013.