SVEN Blonde


Glamour and computer periphery. Several years ago, the SVEN trademark united these subjects in one trend and presented the full-fledged line of devices required at the working table: a mouse, headset/headphones and two keyboards (with standard and notebook layouts). Encrustation with strasses, plush and fur finishing brought the models of this series to the level of stylish accessories. The products almost at once found the primary audience and today they are in the same demand, as they were several years ago.

Pink series of ТМ SVEN computer accessories are multifunction gadgets. In spite of the frivolous appearance the electronic "stuffing", as well as the functionality of models, are at their best.

The layout of SVEN Blonde keyboard is standard, but the names of most keys have changed dramatically. And that’s right. Let us say, for example, does a beautiful girl need multimedia keys? That's right, they are needless and used by not many people, that’s why they are named “unnecessary keys”.

It’s not a secret that nowadays many of us write the way they hear. The fair sex doesn’t get upset either, they use automatic spelling check and write eight as “eght” and four as “for”.

The farther – the deeper: Shift key is a favorite key because “this is the key I start writing my name with” :) Space key is one of the most intriguing keys named “the longest key”. Blonde-haired women know the answer :)

Try and guess yourselves, which key hides behind the designation “the biggest key”! Blonde-haired women know the answer :)

SVEN Blonde keyboard can be connected to any PC or notebook via a USB port. This "blonde" is compatable with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, it has the excellent tactile effect at key pressing.


  • Suitable for blond hair
  • Save your manicure
  • The most understandable layout
  • Even brunets will understand you
  • Increased keystroke*
  • Unusual gift offer
  • Original design
* Increased keystroke provides comfortable work even with long nails

Technical Specifications

Keyboard type standard
Communication technology wired
OS compatibility Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Keyboard layout Russ/Ukr/Eng
Cyrillic alphabet layout Windows
Number of keys, pcs 104
Interfacе USB
Color of Cyrillic letters black
Enter key L-shaped
Backspace key compact
Space key standard
Keys contact membrane with tactile feedback
Error-free running time, strokes more than 20,000,000
Conformity to standards FCC, CE
Dimensions, mm 465 × 33 × 186
Weight, g 647
Color pink
Life time 2 years