SVEN Comfort 3535


Rat-a-tat-tat, click-click, rat-tat… Sometimes you listen to a person’s tapping on the keyboard and get absolutely various associations in your head. As the rhythm takes shape, you can pick out some tune or define what the typing person is doing (chatting with friends, dashing off a letter or preparing a text for a presentation).

SVEN Company has introduced a new Comfort series keyboard. Clicking of SVEN Comfort 3535 keys is its visiting card. Their soft stroke creates a special soothing sound reminding leaves rustling in the wind. In addition, the keys are edged with rubberized inserts providing comfortable work. Thanks to the low profile of keys and ultrathin design, you can place your hands on the table while typing. It helps reduce wrist tension. The Latin layout symbols are white, but Russian letters are made in pleasant ochre.

The device has 12 shortcut keys responsible for working with internet browsers, playbacking audio content and starting office applications. Three keys to be used for voice messengers stand asid, they are: Call, End Call, and Start Conference Hall. The model has USB interface, so it installs automatically as soon as it’s connected to a PC USB port.

The appearance of SVEN Comfort 3535 is very original. The combination of black and silver colors resembles more the design of input devices developed for video games. Such a keyboard will look seamlessly at an engineer’s workplace at a fight control center in a space base!


  • Keys with rubber inserts provide superior tactile keystroke effect
  • Modern slim design, high quality, cost-effective solution
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • USB interface
  • Low operation noise
  • 15 shortcut keys for Internet and Multimedia
  • Keys to control Skype and MSN

Technical Specifications

Keyboard type multimedia
Communication technology wired
OS compatibility Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Keyboard layout Rus/Ukr/Eng
Cyrillic alphabet layout Windows
Number of keys, pcs 104
Number of shortcut keys, pcs 15
Color of Cyrillic letters red
Enter key straight
Backspace key standard
Space key standard
Keys contact membrane with tactile feedback
Error-free running time, strokes more than 20,000,000
Conformity to standards FCC, CE
Dimensions, mm 480 × 35 × 200
Weight, kg 1.0
Color black-silver
Life time 2 years

Tests and reviews

SVEN Comfort 3535 is a comfort keyboard actually. Thanks to a membrane construction, keys are pressed quietly; they have an optimum stroke depth and resilience. The operation process with the keyboard, in particular typing of large texts is very pleasant. Actually, we did not meet such a keyboard so pleasant just in the plan of typing for a long ago; moreover, it concerns the devices, which have considerable price range.
TECHLABS Team., February 2013.