SVEN presents the designer speaker system — SVEN FANCY!

The distinguishing feature of the SVEN FANCY system is bright appearance that strikes the imagination. The design of the speaker stands enables to create intricate shapes, changing them according to the current mood and fancy if the owner! Who says that computer speakers are boring? SVEN unveils the myth of working space routineness, as the new modern FANCY speaker system can turn any day into a holiday!

SVEN FANCY with 5 W RMS output power will provide harmonious clear sound and please with convenient control, because a volume control wheel, headphone jack and power switch are handily located on the speaker stand base. The system is compatible with all the audio signal sources able to provide USB power supply. Due to the additional fastener you can place SVEN FANCY on various surfaces to maximize your comfort.


  • Clear sound in a small case
  • Powered by USB
  • Earphone jack for private listening
  • Volume control
  • Ingenious swivel design
  • Quality foam tape for mounting
  • Technical Specifications

    Output power (RMS), W 2 × 2.5
    Frequency range, Hz 80-20000
    Loudspeaker dimensions, mm Ø 50
    Magnetic shielding Yes
    Power supply 5 V + USB
    Case material ABS plastic
    Dimensions, mm 300 × 70 × 80
    Weight, g 420
    Color red, pink
    Life time 2 years

    Tests and reviews

    <p>What kind of technique should be special for women? That's right, beautiful. At least most of the ladies would agree with that statement. By the way, an attractive appearance does not prevent the devices to be useful and practical. We’ve got in our hands the designing SVEN FANCY acoustics and SVEN AP BLONDE Headset – it is pink speaker, designed similar to the flowers, and headsets for the most glamorous persons.</p>
    Marina Kamaeva., March 2011.