SVEN Emotion


Every day we hear the echo of the modern trends from fashion papers and TV screens: electronic devices tend to compactness and universality. Giants were left in the 20th century. People think about the functionality of a device but its mobility and compactness have become accompanying features. Naturally, global trends have touched production of speaker systems as well.

SVEN TM, a leader in the sphere of multimedia speaker systems, presents SVEN Emotion compact speaker system 2.1.

SVEN Emotion consists of two elegant satellites and a subwoofer in a case (MDF) with a side-mounted phase inverter. Such a design provides clear and rich sound within the whole range of reproduced frequencies. All controls are located on the rear panel. It’s pleasant that you can control not only the volume level, but the bass volume level as well.

SVEN Emotion speaker system is easily connected to a PC, laptop, MP3/CD/VCD/DVD player and other external audio devices. And due to magnetic shielding speakers can be placed close to a monitor without a danger of distortions.

The stylish miniature system will pleasantly surprise you with detailed and deep bass and will perfectly fit into the home or office interior. With SVEN Emotion any music trend, modern computer games, as well as dynamic episodes from blockbusters, in a word, any music content, will be reproduced authentically. The advantages of SVEN Emotion system are evident: simplicity in use, lightness and compactness, easy connection to various audio devices, as well as affordable price!


  • Can be connected to various audio devices
  • Built-in transformer power supply unit
  • Smooth master volume level control
  • Independent volume level control of the subwoofer
  • Magnetic shielding

Technical Specifications

Total output power (RMS), W 18
Output power (RMS), W subwoofer – 10
satellites – 8 (2 × 4)
Frequency range (subwoofer), Hz 40 – 120
Frequency range (satellites), Hz 120 – 20,000
Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm Ø 120
Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm 2 × Ø 38
Magnetic shielding available
Connector type 3,5 mm stereo mini jack
Power supply ~220 V / 50 Hz
Subwoofer case material wood (MDF)
Satellite case material ABS plastic
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 168 × 187 × 250
Dimensions (satellites), mm 80 × 205 × 80
Weight, kg 3.35
Color silver, black
Life time 5 years

Tests and reviews

Sven Emotion compact-sized speaker system with its interestingly shaped satellites and cubic subwoofer cannot but draw the eye and be to the liking of those who appreciate designer’s delicacies. The system is very easy to operate and will pleasantly surprise the diversity lovers with its capability to connect not only to PC and laptop, but also to other external sound sources (in particular, to MP3/CD/DVD players).
Anna Nozdrina., 20.11.2008.
SVEN Emotion system possesses a decent power reserve enough to flood even a large room with deep bass. It yields an excellent dynamic performance both for playback of different music styles, for sounding movies and computer games effects. In other words, SVEN Emotion is a multipurpose home speaker system.
Oleg Tatarnikov. «Компьютер Пресс» magazine, October 2008.