Characteristic features of SVEN MS-120 model are small size, extraordinary design and futuristic appearance that asserts its bright individuality at first sight.

The engineering solution in creation of the satellite images was complemented with simplicity and convenience in control, which, coupled with very affordable price, predicts this model a successful future, the more so because it excellently copes with its primary duties (sounding a home computer).

The system is very compact and can be easily arranged on a desktop. The wooden case of the subwoofer is equipped with magnetic shielding, which allows to locate the system close to the monitor without any danger of picture distortion. The design of the satellites differs from that of the subwoofer and, at the same time, complements it. The cases of the satellites are made of plastics. The diameter of the driver diffusers used is only 5 cm.

The volume and treble controllers are located on the front panel of the subwoofer, as well as power switch. So, all the settings are close at hand. The system is compatible with various audio devices: PCs, MP3 players. It’s light both in weight and price, which allows its owner to spare a lot of money!


  • Modern design
  • Easy connection to various audio devices
  • Upright placement option
  • Subwoofer front panel control
  • Full magnetic shielding
  • Subwoofer case material – wood (MDF)

Technical Specifications

Output power (RMS), W 10
Frequency range (subwoofer), Hz 65 – 200
Frequency range (satellites), Hz 200 – 20,000
Resistance (subwoofer), Ohm 4
Resistance (satellites), Ohm 4
Dynamic speakers diameter (subwoofer), mm Ø 75
Dynamic speakers diameter (satellites), mm Ø 50
Magnetic shielding yes
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Subwoofer case material wood (MDF)
Satellite case material ABS plastic
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 117 × 127 × 183
Dimensions (satellites), mm 105 × 87 × 105
Weight, kg 1.64
Life time 5 years