SVEN company presents a new 2.1 speaker system with features of a mini music system – SVEN MS-300.

When you get a new computer gadget for your home, it stays in the focus of your family’s attention for a long time. With a twinkle in the eye and explorer’s enthusiasm you grab the manual (or focus your attention on the control panel at once), press buttons and change operation modes. In a word, you test the device’s strength and discuss the results with your friends and colleagues. SVEN MS-300 is a combination of multifunctionality, technology and stylish design! So there will be a lot to discuss!

There is USB flash and SD card jacks on the side of the subwoofer case. The integrated player enables to playback music from portable storage devices without using a PC. The system is equipped with FM tuner and can store more than thirty radio stations. In spite of the considerable set of consumer and technical characteristics the system has very compact size. It can be easily placed on your desktop close to the monitor.

The equalizer with preset sound modes, as well as a separate subwoofer volume level control help to adjust the sound for any music genre: classical music, jazz, rock.

The subwoofer has the control panel and LED display on its front panel. The buttons on the panel let you pause the playback, switch over tracks and operation modes (AUX, MP3, FM radio), control the master volume level. A user can control the result of his actions on the display, which makes “comments” at once displaying all operations with the speaker system. The remote control is very light, compact and thin.

The pleasant design of SVEN MS-300 speaker system located close to your monitor will delight your eye every day. Because the system has been created according to the latest design trends for computer gadget and devices: smooth free lines, combination of black and silver colors, fashionable gloss.


  • Can be connected to various audio devices
  • Built-in power amplifier
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Built-in audio file player of storage mediums
  • USB flash port and SD card slot
  • Digital LED display
  • Individual subwoofer volume level control
  • Equalizer with preset sound modes
  • Remote control
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Wooden (MDF) case of subwoofer

Technical Specifications

Total output power (RMS), W 12
Output power (RMS), W subwoofer: 6
satellites: 6 (2 × 3)
Frequency range (subwoofer), Hz 50 – 200
Frequency range (satellites), Hz 200 – 20,000
Dimensions of subwoofer loudspeaker, mm Ø 105
Dimensions of satellite loudspeakers, mm Ø 68
Remote control available
Magnetic shielding available
Power supply ~220 V / 50 Hz
Subwoofer case material wood (MDF)
Satellite case material ABS plastic
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 180 × 138 × 180
Dimensions (satellites), mm 80 × 120 × 72
Weight, kg 2.02
Color black
Life time 5 years

Tests and reviews

SVEN MS-300 turned out to be very successful set of a speaker system with additional functions. Actually, for $40 we buy a musical center of full value with radio, MP3, support of USB drives and memory cards, without compromises regarding sounding. Manufacturing quality makes us glad too, the times of cheap plastic and MDF with peelable film have passed. Do not try to substitute a home theatre of full value with the help of 2.1 speaker system – and it will make you happy for many years. As log as engineers will not find a method to build in any “delicacy” into a speaker system.
Miroslav Babitsky., February, 2013.