SVEN MS-308 multimedia speaker system developed by SVEN Company is a representative of 2.1.line of active speaker systems.

The model consists of two elegant satellites and a subwoofer. Though the size of speakers is comparatively small, the total power of the system is 35 W. SVEN MS-308 is a universal solution for many purposes: starting from music playback of any trend to sounding of movies and computer games.

The model looks advantageous in any surroundings: both at home and at the office. The wooden subwoofer and ABS-plastic satellites are of black color, which is always in fashion, according to the accepted view of designers. Due to its design, the speaker system can easily fit into any interior using minimum space. After buying the system the subwoofer can be placed on the floor but the satellites can be located on the table to avoid cluttering the work area.

The system has 2 control means. The first one is a wired remote control for master volume level control. The remote control has headphones and microphone jacks. The second means is the control panel on the subwoofer side panel. The upper knob of the panel duplicates the function of the remote control. The lower one is designed to control the subwoofer volume level separately from the satellites.

This model can arouse interest of those buyers who appreciate functionality in a speaker system. The speaker system is equipped with a pulse power supply unit operating in the wide range of input voltages. That’s why the model is not “afraid” of voltage surges.

SVEN MS-308 provides the saturated realistic sound.


  • Can be connected to various audio devices
  • Convenient place of control panel
  • Wired remote control
  • Speaker system compact size
  • Improved satellite specifications
  • Volume level control of subwoofer
  • Headphones and microphone (headset) jacks on the wired remote control

Technical Specifications

Total output power (RMS), W 35
Output power (RMS), W subwoofer: 13
satellites: 22 (2 × 11)
Frequency range, Hz subwoofer: 50 – 200
satellites: 200 – 20,000
Loudspeaker dimensions, mm subwoofer: Ø 100
satellites: Ø 100
Remote control available
Magnetic shielding available
Connector type 2 RCA
Power supply ~220 V / 50 Hz
Subwoofer case material wood (MDF)
Satellite case material ABS plastic
Dimensions (subwoofer), mm 190 × 210 × 210
Dimensions (satellites), mm 128 × 127 × 89
Weight, kg 2.6
Color black
Life time 5 years