SVEN Pro+ 700


SVEN Pro+ 700 line-interactive UPS is designed for protection of PCs, workstations, as well as servers equipped with switched mode power supplies. Due to its battery, the UPS can operate even in case of complete absence of mains power, which enables the user to save data and shut down the operating system correctly. The built-in automatic voltage regulator enables you to increase/reduce the input voltage without switching to the battery mode and ensures long uninterruptible work. This feature is vital for networks with unstable voltage.

SVEN Pro+ 700 UPS is supplied with Cold Start function, enabling the user to force the UPS into operation in complete absence of mains voltage.


  • Wide range of input voltage auto regulation
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • Indication of basic UPS operation modes
  • Sound alarm at critical discharge level of storage batteries (without switch-off option)
  • Sine approximated output voltage in off-line mode
  • Cold Start function
  • Transformer thermal protection
  • Metal housing

Technical Specifications

UPS type line-interactive
Total power, VА 700
Active power, W 420
Type of load computer, monitor
Maximum load, W 420
Input voltage level, V ~165 – 275
Output voltage level, V ~220 ± 10 %
Output voltage waveform approximated sinusoid
Frequency, Hz 50
Input socket 1 × CEE 7/7
Output sockets 2 × CEE 7/4
Accumulator type maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries (consumables)
Battery voltage, V 12
Battery capacity, А•h 9
Typical switching time, ms ≤ 10
Batteries operation time, min 3 – 20
Fuse cutout
Dimensions, mm 95 × 160 × 325
Weight, kg 7.3
Life time 5 years

Tests and reviews

This article says about the theory and practice of using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
Anatoly Litvinenko.