SVEN Pro+ 800 (USB)


SVEN Pro+ 800 line-interactive UPS is designed for protecting PCs, workstations and servers equipped with a switched mode power supply. Due to the built-in battery, the UPS can operate even in conditions of complete voltage blackout, which enables the user to save data and shut down the operating system correctly. The built-in automatic voltage regulator allows to increase/reduce mains voltage without entering battery operation mode and to ensure long uninterrupted work. This feature is essential for networks with unstable voltage.

SVEN Pro+ 800 UPS is supplied with Cold Start function, allowing to switch on the UPS in conditions of complete absence of mains voltage.


  • Wide range of automatic voltage regulation
  • Digital microprocessor control
  • Indication of basic UPS operation modes
  • Sound alarm at critical discharge level of storage batteries (without switch-off option)
  • Sine approximated output voltage in off-line mode
  • Cold start function
  • Transformer thermal protection
  • Metal case

Technical Specifications

UPS type line-interactive
Built-in AVR available
Total power, VА 800
Active power, W 480
Maximum load, W 480
Input voltage level, V ~165 – 275
Output voltage level, V ~220 ± 10 %
Frequency, Hz 50
Communication port USB, RJ-11
Input socket 1 × CEE 7/7
Output sockets 2 × CEE 7/4
Protection against short circuit, impulse and high frequency interferences; transformer thermal protection
Accumulator type maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries (consumables)
Battery voltage, V 12
Battery capacity, А•h 9
Typical switching time, ms ≤ 10
Batteries operation time, min 3-20 (dependent on connected load)
Indicators power LED, on-line operation LED, charge LED
Fuse cutout
Dimensions, mm 95 × 165 × 340
Weight, kg 6.6
Color black
Life time 5 years

Tests and reviews

This article says about the theory and practice of using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
Anatoly Litvinenko.