19.03.2015. Comparative Review of Wireless Stereo Headphones SVEN AP-B350MV, AP-B450MV, AP-B470MV and AP-B770MV
18.03.2015. Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B450MV. Advanced Wireless Headset
12.03.2015. Review of Inexpensive 5.1 SVEN HT-200 Speaker System
02.03.2015. Good Bye, Socket! Testing of Three External SVEN Batteries
25.02.2015. Review and Tests of SVEN AP-B470MV. Advanced Wireless Headset
14.01.2015. Review of SVEN AP-B770MV Wireless Headset: for Every Day
23.12.2014. Review of Affordable SVEN MS-1820 2.1 Speaker System
15.10.2014. Review of SVEN SEB Earphones: Miss, Do You Want Sapphire or Ruby Earphones? Or Do You Want to Listen to Music?
09.10.2014. Active SVEN Royal 2R Speaker System: Gold Bullet as Effective Means to Improve Sound
08.10.2014. SVEN SB-550 Sound Bar – New Sound for Dear Telemother-In-Law
25.09.2014. Review and Tests of SVEN MS-1820. 2.1 Speaker System with USB and FM Support
24.09.2014. SVEN SPS-619 GOLD 2.0 Speaker System
23.09.2014. 2.0 SVEN STREAM MEGA R Speaker System: Two – Zero in my Favor
26.08.2014. Review of SVEN MS-2100 Tree Phonic: High Quality of Sound and Pleasant Bonuses
19.08.2014. SVEN SPS-707BL – Updated Version of “Old Speaker System”
12.08.2014. SVEN AP-945MV: Affordable Headset Compatible with PCs and Smartphones
10.07.2014. Review and Tests of Sven AP-B770MV. Affordable Wireless Headset
23.06.2014. SVEN SPS-619 Gold – “Golden” Speaker System
18.06.2014. SVEN AP-940MV: Inexpensive Full-Size Headset
15.05.2014. SVEN AP-B770MV – Perfect Sound without Wires
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